Java/J2EE Developer

Charlotte, NC

Job Title: Java/J2EE Developer
Location: Charlotte; Dallas
Position Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: $58K-$70K

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related field

  • 2+ years of hands on software development experience

  • Strong Java/J2EE development skills

  • Experience in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

  • Good interpersonal communication skills for tech and business conversations

  • Good analytical skills to break down requirements, solve complex problems

  • Desired qualifications:

  • Experience building web applications

  • Experience working on high volume applications

  • Experience in server side frameworks like Spring MVC

  • Experience in latest front end technologies like handlebars, foundation, AngularJS and reactJS

  • Experience building restful web services

  • Experience in performance tuning with good understanding JVM internals

  • Experience with NoSQL databases like Cassandra

  • Experience in distributed caching frameworks like hazelcast, ignite, redis

  • Experience in modern JVM languages like groovy, scala

  • Experience with open source search engines like SOLR, elasticsearch

  • Prior open source contributions

  • Background in mathematics or statistics

Should some one reach me at Chaitu AT YochanaIT DOT com

Reference ID: e4de11bc66c6

Date Posted: 09/16/2016

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